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Play your game in a realplace

Remember  postage refunded on orders over £40

Realplace Terrain

We aim to produce the best possible scratch built terrain at the best possible prices

Currently we have 15mm Terrain made to fit the requirements of the DBA and other ancients rules and 28mm or 1/59th scale Normandy farm buildings and Russian Village Buildings perfect for use with Bolt Action, Konflict 47, Black Powder, Disposable Heroes, Chosen Men, World in Flames and similar rule sets to make available directly on the web.

To keep down costs and prices we work on the most basic 'buy it now' approach with paypal, you can also use most major credit cards with it as well as a shopping cart costs extra

We charge openly for P&P, rather than hiding it in the price but if you spend £40 or more we will refund the P&P

If there is any piece that you want but isn't here or that you want but don't want to wait for get in touch and we will see what we can do

This is just a beginning by a new company and we will be attending shows and conventions with our products and meeting you in person.

Many Thanks the Realplace team